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Reality Check in is public testing on Rinkeby

Reality Check is a crowd-sourced smart contract oracle system by Reality Keys.
Whether you're a human or an Ethereum contract, Reality Check provides financial incentives to get you the facts in the post-truth era.

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How it works

Anyone can post any question they like.
To encourage people to answer it, they can pay a bounty that will go to whoever gives the final answer.

Anyone can answer the question.
To encourage them to answer accurately, they can post a bond. If somebody else's answer is accepted, their bond will go to that person instead.

Anyone can change the answer, but they have to double the bond.
If there is a disagreement about the answer, the people who disagree can keep doubling their bonds for as long as they like.

You can take over an answer that someone else has posted, but you have to split your winnings with them.
If you post an answer that someone has already posted, an amount equal to their bond will be deducted from your winnings.

The result is settled automatically.
Once nobody has answered for a while, the question is settled on the final answer. The time it takes until a question is settled is decided when the question is first asked.

You can pay an arbitrator at any time before settlement.
Paying an arbitrator is usually a last resort, after someone insists on posting the wrong answer, and paying for it with a bond.
If you raise the bond far enough on the right answer, you'll be able to pay the arbitrator and still make a profit.

The arbitrator can be any Ethereum contract.
The arbitrator contract may be controlled by a company like Reality Keys, or a group of people, DAO, or any other decision-making process you can code.

For more detail, see our documentation.

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Reward (ETH):
The amount you are prepared to pay to have your question answered. It goes to the person who submits the final answer.

People submitting answers will also be asked to submit a bond that they will lose if their answer is wrong.
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If there is a dispute over the correct answer, you can ask an arbitrator to settle it for a fee.

The arbitrator can be a trusted party like Reality Keys, or a DAO with its own dispute resolution procedure, or any other Ethereum contract with a procedure for making decisions.

The arbitrator only has to be paid if there is a dispute.
Please select arbitrator.
When someone posts a new answer, other people will need some time to see if they agree, and submit their own answer if they think it is wrong.

This decides how much time they will be given to see the new answer and submit their own.

Once this time is up, the answer can be finalized, after which it can no longer be changed.
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